GA registration for participation happens through our NFT climate warrior bot Arkie. Arkie will collect your email address and your Metamask public address.
The giveaway works on an entries system, which means that for each action that you take towards promoting the project, it will provide you with 10 points. At the end of the campaign, the first 50 people with the most points will be rewarded with a surprise NFT.
The entries actions are

  • Tag 2 friends on giveaway post (Twitter)
  • Like and retweet the post (Twitter)
  • Tag 2 friends on the post (Instagram)
  • Like 2 posts (Instagram)
  • Share the campaign with your friends (Facebook)
  • Like our Page ( Facebook)

At the end of the campaign the 50 participants with most points will receive in their wallets the “Early Supporter Badge” NFT, especially minted for Project-Ark’s launch. If there is a tie, to get to the last 50 places we will pick them randomly among the highest score?

Campaign Starting Date: 9th of April/ 19:00 PM EST (Eastern Standard Time)
Campaign Ending Time: 15th of April/ 19:00 PM EST (Eastern Standard Time)
Winners announcement: 16th of April: You will be notified by email and messenger.
NFT received: Until 29th of April

We have partnered with WWF Panda Labs to find new alternatives ways of funding conservation efforts. The first pilot project has been agreed to be developed with WWF Romania, as they had the most immediate need for funding and a promising project to support. Find out more about it on the project campaign.

For each campaign, the majority of the proceeds will be sent transparently to the NGO's blockchain wallet. The NGO will ensure that the project on the ground has been implemented and a report will be generated to provide a clear impact and activities implemented on the ground.

The aspect of carbon emissions around the minting process of NFTs is an area that we are investigating extensively. At Project Ark, we intend to save the planet and have therefore pre-emptively addressed the carbon footprint in our egg NFTs and taken steps towards it in key projects so we may not just be carbon neutral, but in fact aim to be carbon negative.

Based on extensive research across all available platforms, we decided to build our first pilot of Project ARK on Ethereum. They have outlined plans to move to PoS (Proof of Stake) and we are starting to see the steps being taken with the validator staking. Our decision to use Ethereum was made because ETH has the biggest community development of both NFT enthusiasts as well developers today, and we believe that by being on ETH we can maximise the success of our pilot program.

Maximising our success and outreach ensures that the communities on the ground have access to the funding they need. Our entire mission is to use these digital collectibles to be able to offer financing to much-needed social and environmental impact projects around the world, and we are actively making a decision to offset any emissions we do create through the pilot program with a 5x ratio so we have a large margin of error of being carbon neutral/negative.

In parallel, we are actively researching the other alternative public chains (Tezos, Polygon, Near, BSC, etc) in the space. As a start-up who has been working tirelessly for over 7 months on bringing our vision and mission to life, it is important for us to establish a successful proof of concept with our first campaign in order to scale our solutions to level-2 or a new blockchain.

Not everyone will agree with this approach, and it’s absolutely understandable, but we assure you that we share your concerns and we are still investigating how we can best use our position to create meaningful change.

As we develop, we promise to provide even more clarity to our community around this important topic and highly appreciate any type of feedback or advice you might have for us. Our DMs across our social media channels are always open if you want us to discuss this further. You can find us on Twitter (@WeAreProjectArk), Instagram (@WeAreProjectArk), Facebook (@WeAreProjectArk), Telegram (@Project Ark) and Discord (Project Ark).

There is already a good number of artists and NGOs that have expressed an interest in collaborating with us. To make sure that we don’t lose track of the applications, make sure to fill out this form.
As we expand we want to onboard more NGO initiatives and artists to contribute to the cause.

In the meantime feel free to join our discord channel, engage in the community and stay tuned for news on the upcoming events and campaigns.