Once almost driven to extinction, over

60 free roaming bisons are in Romania today

Project Ark is supporting the testing of a project in a landscape that is home to Europe’s largest network of virgin forests, where the highest populations of wolves and brown bears are, and where WWF has been leading an ambitious bison rewilding initiative - with now over 60 free roaming bison.


In order to boost rewilding efforts and slow down the decline of these precious European ecosystems, we need to direct more benefits directly to the local communities who have their hands on these natural resources. By this, we mean to fund locals to do conservation work instead of making a living from overharvesting natural resources - and create a collective rewards system if impact is achieved.

Our Community Conservation Campaign with WWF ROMANIA

Our Community Conservation Campaign with WWF ROMANIA

Project Ark is working with the WWF team that brought the European Bison back into the wild after 200 years of absence.

We’re embedding centuries old local traditions of intricate Romanian Eggs into incredible NFTs with melodious original musical compositions.

NFTs proceeds support ground efforts to transition the local community to become conservation leaders.



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“For those of us, living and working in a natural hot-spot, it is always a question of how we can empower locals to become conservationists - this is the ideal as they are the rights holders and gatekeepers of these landscapes. If we get it right, nature would need no more «saving» and we would become obsolete - this is success for me. Until then we’re here to try different mechanisms to direct the most benefits to communities on the frontlines, to incentivise responsible use of resources until it becomes the new norm. It is possible, as there are millions of people globally who want to lend a shoulder or a buck for real impact on the ground. I see Project Ark as a transparent pipeline for motivation and impact to flow faster and with less intermediaries.

Oana Mondoc

Oana Mondoc

Community and Innovation Specialist for WWF Romania.




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